Extended Abstracts

Extended abstracts and in some cases, the technical program booklet, are available as PDF files under the following links.

Before referencing material in these online proceedings, please check with the authors or an online database to see if they have published an updated and comprehensive report in an archival journal.

History & Past Publications

From 1967 until 1991, the meeting proceedings were refereed and edited, then published as a collection in various journals including Progress is Astronautics and Aeronautics. For specifics, see the History section of this website. This process was discontinued in 1993 and since then only the extended abstracts have been published on the web and as CD-ROMs. Authors are currently encouraged to prepare and publish full length articles in one of three journals (Shock Waves, Combustion Science and Technology and Combustion Theory and Modeling) for which there are special editors assigned to handle papers from ICDERS. Of course, authors also choose to publish in a number of other archival journals.